Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Bangalore,India’s Silicon valley is undoubtedly the most progressive cities in India. It not only houses some of the Big names in the It sector but also many small startups who went further to give their services all over India. Bangalore is birthplace of thousands of information and technology companies and now for digital marketing startups.Digital Marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools in the digital Age. if you want your Audience know about your business, expand and promote it for creating brand awareness, consider the importance of digital marketing.


1. Digital Masala

                                             DIGITAL MASALA is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Their wide range of solution suits for every Business. Here the team of experts in digital marketing will enhance your business. They provide services like search engine optimization, website designing, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, google adwords campaign, social media optimization. digital marketing services help you to build your brand from scratch and give the utmost result to you. They specially apply some marketing tactics and digital marketing techniques to get the desired result. With the help of digital marketing tools they study the competitor marketing strategy with the knowledge of it they add more marketing factors to get you more customers. As per the need of hour everyone needs their business website digital masala make one of the best website with marketing keywords content which plays most important role to be on top of the search engine. They also provide analysis of your desired customer traffic by digital marketing tool like google analytics which is essential to track the record of your business growth.

 Services-Search Engine optimization,Website Designing,Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing,                  Google Adwords campaign , Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Youtuber, Email           Marketing, youtube marketing.


Contact info-  +918275399364


                          Dᴇsɪɴᴇʟᴀʙs  is a leading Digital Marketing firm Located in Bangalore providing reliable and result                                  oriented SEO

Services – Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, SMM –
Social Media Marketing and Complete Web Design Solutions. It is one-stop-shop for
all Business to get online by Digital Marketing. To Increase the online or
digital presence of your Business with the result oriented digital marketer in
Bangalore, supported over 600+ clients, known for most reputable digital
marketing companies/expert digital marketing services in Bangalore.

Services-Search engine
optimization, facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social
Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords

3. Digicliff 

                                Dɪɢɪᴄʟɪғғ  Solutions is a digital marketing solutions provider with a vision to be a leading player in taking digital marketing to the next dimension through an innovative blend of solutions, services and technology. They provide services like ,social media optimization,social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click,content marketing, email marketing to boost your business. To enhance the marketing of your product they will guide you.

   Services- SMM, SEO, Website Design, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Optimization, google adwords marketing, youtube marketing

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                    They provide end to end digital marketing and advertising services which makes us the one stop solution for all your digital marketing needs.As the marketing competition increases we need to invest more in the marketing to make your product sell. so in digital way they provide it very easily. As there name suggest digiolic they provide one of the best results in digital marketing.

Services- Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Designing, Email Marketing, Content Writing,google adwords, pay per click marketing

Website URL-

5. Social Beat  

                                         Sᴏᴄɪᴀʟ ʙᴇᴀᴛ will help in creating the successful digital marketing strategy and building strong online

and digital presence for better results in business. Also, it offers the
Digital Marketing ROI driven approach in the digital marketing in order for

 Services- Social Media
Marketing, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Pay
Per Click marketing, website designing
Website URL-

6. Nispaara

                                       Nɪsᴘᴀᴀʀᴀ is one stop design and digital marketing agency which provides creative solutions.Services they provide SEO, SMO, PPC, Website Design, E-commerce Solutions and Marketing Collaterals. They are really great at marketing your new startup to make it one of the best service oriented companies. digital is the way to explore the services. 
Services- Content Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, youtube marketing, marketing research, pay per click marketing.
Website URL-   

7. Ethinos

             Eᴛʜɪɴᴏs provides an effective online Digital marketing by having a deep understanding of marketing using

knowledge and experience to deliver successful results. Also, works with the
range of clients from small to large. need of the hour is digital marketing to
get the desired result.

Services- Search Engine
Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing, google
adwords marketing, pay per click marketing.


                Rᴇɢᴀʟɪxis best Digital Marketing Agency. It helps you to increase customer engagement with
high-quality content, outreaching through paid campaigns, Search Engine
Optimization and right email strategy and Analytics data, Also increasing your
revenue via Digital Marketing.
 Services-Social Media
Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Writing ,Pay
Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, youtube marketing

9. Digital Corsel

                                                Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ Cᴏʀsᴇʟ is another premium digital marketing agency based in Bangalore, India. It imparts

internet marketing services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC services,
mobile marketing services, and email marketing. digital corsel  is
renowned digital marketing startup in Bangalore.

Services-Search Engine
Optimization,Facebook Marketing,Social Media Optimization,Email Marketing,
Content Writing, Video Prpmption and marketing, pay per click marketing
 Website URL-

10. TargetG

                                      TᴀʀɢᴇᴛG is the best digital marketing agency to help you increase your customer base. We help plan, create and execute high performing,multi-channel digital marketing campaigns across social media, email, SMS, SEO,and Google Ads to help you reach your Target and achieve your growth target by analysis the market trend with the help of  digital marketing various

tools to get the exact customers as per the need.

 Services- Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization,
Search engine Optimization, Pay per click, Search Engine Marketing, Google
Adwords campaign, youtube marketing.
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